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Headstone photo: http://iowagravestones.org/gs_view.php?id=244825 
Foster, Maria Louisa (I0121)
2 **Heastone inscription reads "son" which apparently was incorrect but not changed by the family. Fly, Sydney Ann (I5009)
3 **Kicked in the head by a horse according to passed down story Fly, Tillman Gregory (I6873)
4 **unreadable name Stites, Nidie? (I6145)
5 *2 baptism records for James - Aug 21, 1785 & Nov 18, 1787 Willie, James (I5239)
6 *age at death is not readable on headstone Banta, Margaret (I4774)
7 *alternative spelling Sailes Sayles, John (I6067)
8 *Brinkerhoff is not the last name recorded for this person Joorissen Brinkerhoff, Abraham (I3981)
9 *headstone worn on year of death Zabrinkskie, Rachel Ann (I4748)
10 *maiden name could be Brunn Brown, Eleanor S (I4501)
11 *Possible birth/parents:
1. Birth Sep 19, 1724, Christening Sep 29, 1724 Bo'Ness; Parents: Thomas Dick & Mary Heart
2. Birth Aug 29, 1721 Christening Sep 3, 1721 Bo'Ness; Parents: William Dick & Mary Campbel 
Dick, Mary (I4062)
12 *Possibly a Cherokee Indian Allman, Margaret (I6475)
13 *she spelled her name Demaree Demarest, Maria (I1099)

Mrs. Fly, an old pioneer of the Snake River section, passed away
last Thursday after a lingering illness of several weeks. She was a
relative of John Fly and the Duceys who lived near Steamboat Springs
but now live in California. She leaves two daughters who reside here
and a number of relatives and friends to mourn her death. Funeral
services were held in Dixon and burial in the Reader Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Croft Beeler and Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Williams attended
the funeral of Mrs. Fly on Saturday afternoon.
Steamboat Springs Pilot June 1, 1928


Mrs. Tillman Fly died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Oscar
Beeler, Friday morning, May 26, Mrs. Fly was 86 years of age. She was
born and reared in Missouri and came to Wyoming with her husband and
her children, more than 50 years ago. She is survived by two
daughters and several grandchildren. The daughters are Mrs. Oscar
Beeler and Mrs. Mae Beeler, of Baggs. Her husband passed away in
California 15 years ago. Mrs. Fly was well liked by all who knew her.
Funeral services were conducted by Clyde Woolford at the Dixon Church
and burial was made in the Reader Cemetery.
Rawlins Republican June 5, 1928 
Alexander, Margaret (I5334)
15 1 previous marriage to unknown Stokes Jones, Elizabeth F (I4110)
16 13 mos 22 days at death Banta, Garret Henry (I4744)
18 1910 census lists place of birth as England - father born Scotland mother born England, immigration 1892
1920 census lists place of birth as England
1900 census lists place of birth as New Zealand - father born Scotland mother born England

The government of New Zealand has no record of her birth
The government of England has no record of her being born at sea (English citizens had to register births) 
Phillips, Amy Ella (I6112)
19 1930 US Census
she reported father from: France mother from: Ohio

She was cremated and ashes were buried with her husband. No date of death was put on the headstone. 
Hoffmann, Florence Ellinore (I6596)
20 1930 US Census mis-spelling - original census on ancestry un-available Kennedy, Willy K (I0426)
21 36 hours old at death Fly, Infant (I4999)
22 ABBR AGBITEXT Name: Sarah Boone
Birth Date: 1720
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Volume: 16
Page Number: 57
Reference: Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript". 1906-1941.( The greatest single source of material for gen. Data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index.):10 Apr 1935, 77 
Source (S03809)
23 ABBR BGMITEXT Name: Boone, Squire
Birth - Death: 1696-1765
Source Citation:

* Dictionary of North Carolina Biography. Volume 1, A-C. Edited by William S. Powell. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 1979. (DcNCBi 1) 
Source (S03810)
24 ABBR Demarest FamilyTEXT Book Published 1964 Hackensack NJ Unknown Publisher 3122 pages Source (S03814)
25 ABBR IGI Index Source (S03865)
26 ABBR LDSTEXT Microfilm # 1006645 & 1006649
Crim Marriages in Iowa 
Source (S03788)
27 According to documents submitted at several sites including, familysearch and dar.org they have an additional son named Abraham Banta - however the birth date given is Jul 7 1743
Lea Banta was born Jan 15 1744
She did not have another child in a 6 month period of time - so either they have the incorrect parents for Abraham or one or both of the birth dates are incorrect. 
Banta, Hendrick (I6527)
28 According to his obituary published
Williamsburg Journal-Tribune, Williamsburg (Iowa Co.), Iowa, 28 March 1935
He died Sunday afternoon March 24, in the Iowa City Hospital at the age of 73
and was to be buried in Lone Tree, where he was the Mayor at the time.
Obituary online @ Iowa Gen Web 
Shellady, Charles B (I1530)
29 According to historical society in Oregon Eldridge Hartless brother of Adolphus was part black. However, he was always marked white and so was Adolphus on Census reports. There were several "Mulatto" Hartless families in Virginia. However there seems to be some misunderstanding about what it meant to be "Mulatto" during that time period. The best historical explanation I have found is on this site:
The surname Hartless is listed in several American Indian Tribes lists. It is listed as mixed race on the Peckler List.
Until dna tells us the Hartless family in this tree are of unknown origin.
Another point of interest is that the Hartless family married into and traveled with others who's names were listed with theirs on tribal lists. 
Hartless, Adolphus (I0846)
30 According to record Massachusetts Marriages for Eldridge & Emily Bates, his parents were Richard Hartless and Mary Hartless, Eldridge (I5837)
31 According to the legend, Andrew Hellman, buried in the same cemetery as his first wife and three children, haunts the nearby Township Road 56, terrorizing drivers, particularly females, whose cars break down on the road. His tombstone is also said to glow. Hellman Aka Adam Horn, Andrew (I0286)
32 Alexander Kirkwood came in 1855. He bought the "Rattlesnake Store" and soon went back to Scotland to marry his young sweetheart, Margaret Dick

Priest's Station Stories & Histories:

Kirkwood, Alexander (I3829)
33 alt name spelling: Sara Samuelse De Maree Demarest, Sara (I1072)
34 alt spelling: Catlijntie Kuyper, Catlyntje (I4734)
35 alt spellings: Wunschel, Wuenstel Winschel, Elisabeth (I3756)
36 Alternative date Aug 3, 1691 - unclear transcription 2 dates Arthure, William (I5424)
37 Alternative name used "Susan Carn" Carnes, Susannah (I2331)
38 Alternative spelling: Reynard Renard, Maria (I2171)
39 Alternative spelling: Von Rombs Rombsin, Ferdinandi V (I5359)
40 Alternative spelling: Von Rombs on christening record Rombsin, Joannes Franciscus Jacobus (I5361)
41 Alternative spelling: Von Rombs on this record Rombsin, Joseph (I5362)
42 Although family stories have her born in New Zealand the government and newspapers in New Zealand do not have any record of her birth. Her father was thought to be a ship's captain so I even checked for at sea births, also no records.
So the hunt continues...... 
Phillips, Amy Ella (I6112)
43 Anderson County Kentucky Militia 1865-1869 Posey, James Monroe (I0868)
44 Anderson County, Kentucky
Marriages 1831-1875' Compiled by Robt.P. Moore; Distributed by Nelson
County Genealogical Round Table PO Box 409, Bardstown, KY 40004

James M. Posey, 23, b., res. Anderson Co., - Lorrinda F. Monfort, 20, b.
Shelby Co., res. Anderson Co., 11 Sept. 1855 at David Monfort's.
(Consent) father David W. Monfort, (Surety) C.H. Fenwick, (Married by)
JH Walker. Book B, 246. 
Monfort, Lorinda (I0879)
45 Approximated dates Hartless, Richard (I4567)
46 Arnold George Lines-
His Father was Arnold Albert Lines July 2, 1882-1927 occupation gardener, Born Rugby, England. he married Emily May Deacon Born Somerset England 1879.
Arnold Albert died in Seattle Jan 30, 1927

Arnold George's siblings are Fred C. Lines 1910 Iowa and Paricia R. Lines (Hewett). 1916 Born in Arizona. They resided in a three room cabin in Suquamish Washington.

Arnold George married Beth Crim in Seattle in 1933 at 2134 N. 51st Street in the yard of the house that Beth Crim's father built.

by Linda A. Lines 
Lines, Arnold George (I6173)
47 as of 1930 he lived in Hollywood, CA Swindle, Lafayette (I2683)
48 Asher Pipkin Fly Obituary:
Fly, Asher Pipkin (I6387)
49 At time of marriage to Elisha, she was the widow of Henry Lathrom and is buried with him, shared stone. Lunsford, Adelissa (I6816)
50 baptism Apr 22, 1753 Demarest, David (I5328)

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